Dear colleagues!

Welcome to the Russian-Chinese Scientific Conference on Medical Microbiology and Clinical Mycology (XVIII Kashkin Readings) that is held in the frame of scientific and practical activities of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation for 2015.

The Conference will be held on 09-11 June 2015 in the halls of the Hotel "Saint-Petersburg" (Pirogovskaya emb., 5/2).


Registration of participants:

Topics included in the scientific program of the Conference:

1.      New technologies in medical microbiology.

2.      Molecular epidemiology.

3.      Globalization and microbial resistance.

4.      Diagnostics and treatment of infections in immunocompromised patients.

5.      Health-care associated infections.

6.      Diagnosis of highly infectious disease

7.      Epidemiology of mycoses – new risk groups.

8.      Up-to-date recommendations in diagnosis and treatment of mycoses.

9.      Infections in Dermatovenereology.

10.    Rare, new and re-emerging infections.

11.    Microorganisms – biodestructors of hospitals and dwellings.

12.    Issues and problems in training of medical microbiologists. New technologies in the microbiology.

13.    Genomics and proteomics in clinical microbiology.


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