We invite you to take part in the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference and seminar "Optimal medical therapy in cardiology" with international participation.

The Conference will be held on 22-24 October 2015

in Saint-Petersburg, Congress Centre "Moscow" hotel "Holiday Inn"
Moskovskiy pr., 97A (100 m from the metro station "Moskovskie Vorota")

Start of meetings: October 22, 2015, Thursday at 10am. 
North-Western State Medical University n.a. I.I. Mechnikov
Saint-Petersburg Scientific Society of Cardiology n.a. G.F. Lang

Committee of Public Health of the Government of Saint-Petersburg
Committee on Public Health of the Government of Leningrad Region 
Scientific Committee:
Prof. Ardashev A.V. (Moscow)
Prof. Arutyunov G.P. (Moscow)
Prof. Akhmedzhanov A.M. (Moscow)
Prof. Bershteyn L.L. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Boldueva S.A. (St. Petersburg)
Assoc. Prof.  Butaev T.D. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Vavilova T.N. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Grishkin Y.N. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Gurevich V.S. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Duplyakov D.V. (Samara)
Prof. Zakharova N.V. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Zemtsovskшy E.V. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Kuznetsova O.Y. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Makeeva T.I. (St. Petersburg)
Member of RAS Mazurov V.I. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Nikiforov V.S. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Novikov V.I. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Novikova N.V. (Moscow)
Assoc. Novikova T.N. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Panov A.V. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Ruksin V.V. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Saiganov S.A. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Simanenkov V.I. (St. Petersburg)
Assoc. Prof. Smirnov G.B. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Sukhov V.K. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Tyrenko V.V. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. Khurtsilava O.G. (St. Petersburg)
Prof. N. Reifart (Franfurkt, Germany) 
Main topics:

• Rational pharmacotherapy of hypertension and lipid disorders
• Acute and chronic forms of coronary heart disease: choice of treatment
• Non-coronarogenic heart diseases
• Current approaches to the treatment of heart faiure
• Topical issues of antithrombotic therapy in cardiology
• Emergency Cardiology
• Challenges in drug treatment of heart rhythm disorders

• Sudden cardiac death: primary and secondary prevention
• Treatment of emergency conditions in cardiology
• Optimal medication of chronic heart failure
• Topical issues of clinical pharmacology in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

More than 300 participants, including leading cardiologists, internists, anesthesiologists, speakers and lectors from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States                      are expected to take part in the Conference.

During the Conference it will be held an exhibition of leading commercial pharmaceutical companies including enterprises of medical equipment.
Please send your application by e-mail: L_BERSTEIN@yahoo.com


Target audience of the Conference is focused on cardiologists, general practitioners, anesthesiologists and emergency doctors.
After the Conference participants are given certificates. 
For detailed information on the program and registration procedure, please contact us by phone: +7 (812) 322 10 06; +7 921 948 40 93; fax: +7 (812) 710-75-10
The Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the work of the Conference and seminars!


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