«Knowledge day!»
1 September, 2015, 16:00 solemn meeting dedicated to «Knowledge day» held in Sports and Concerts Complex «Sibur Arena» located in Futbolnaya alleya, 8.
We are welcoming our academic staff, first-year students of General Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Dental   and Foreign students faculties as well as their parents and relatives.
You can get to the Sibur Arena:
  • On foot from the «Krestovsky Island» metro station following the main park alley to Sibur Arena located to the left of the Kirov monument  (about 20 minutes’ walk);
  • By bus № 14 and № 25 from the «Krestovsky Island» or «Chkalovskaya» metro station goes to «Krestovsky Island» bus stop. Then walk through the park (about 10 minutes);
  • By car following South or North road of Krestovsky Island  to Futbolnaya alleya. Zenit-Arena is being built opposite.