NWSMU named after I.I.Mechnikov took part in the largest regional congress event - VIII International Innovation Forum on 7-9 October. On our booth presented the developments of subdivisions and employees of NWSMU n.a. I.I. Mechnikov: medical equipment models, new treatment technologies, scientific and technological services and etc.

Forum was attended by more than 10 000 experts, about 70 business and presentation events were hold and there were 30 countries-participants. The forum was organized by the Committee on industrial policy and innovation of St-Petersburg.

Scientific research laboratory of Innovative medical navigation and the Department of Pediatric Neurology and neurosurgery under the guidance of Prof. Alexander S.Iova presented innovative multitargeted portable medical system «Compass» providing the introscopy usage in real time during minimally invasive surgical procedures and extensive information and communication system capabilities for a wide range of clinical practice tasks.

Small innovative enterprise «Dentistry institution» presented highly- precise technology of intraoral treatment medical devices manufacturing and forming rhinal stents correcting maxillo-facial deformations. The University demonstrated 3D laser scanning technologies allowing to describe and examine anthropometric measures of facial esthetics to improve the quality of diagnostic and treatment procedures.

Laboratory Center of Kashkin Research Institute of Medical Mycology presented innovative multiplex test system for the diagnosis of onychomycosis based on the polymerase chain reaction.

Scientific Research Laboratory of cell technologies together with «Pokrovsky stem cell bank» presented new genetic research technologies and diagnostic methods based on umbilical cord and peripheral blood samples.

Department of Faculty surgery named after I.I.Grekov demonstrated double balloon three-channel endocaval catheter for liver vascular isolation.

The exhibition organized with the participation of the NWSMU center of innovation attracted interest both from visitors of the forum and administration of St. Petersburg, potential investors and business partners. Moreover agreements on further cooperation were reached with the Vice-Governor of St.Petersburg Sergey N. Movchan.

The presentation of innovation developed in NWSMU named after I.I.Mechnikov is a significant event within the import-substituting process that enables to carve a new position of our University in business community and to attract investors.