On November 24 and December 11 were hold meetings of Federal educational and methodical association for the enlarged group of specialties and areas of training 32.00.00 "Health Sciences and Preventive Medicine " .On this meeting the representatives of the Departments of Preventive medicine, which is headed by our Rector, discussed problems, topical issues on preventive medicine.

NWSMU named after I.I.Mechnikov contributes to the improvement and development of preventive medicine specialists training conducting a number of All-Russian conferences on personnel training, preventive medicine issues and events under the auspice of Rospotrebnadzor.  

The meeting resulted in agreed resolution, defining the concept of the fourth generation of Federal State Educational Standard (FSES) aimed at competence and practical orientation.  It is planned to develop exemplary discipline working programmes, to establish a Council to solve interdisciplinary issues, proposed programmes of academic and work experience internship, to initiate the development of academic materials for medical students of the departments of Preventive medicine.