Named grant of Prof. Eichwald

On November 29 was held a candidate nomination for the named grant of Prof. Eichwald.

9 post-graduate students presented reports on the following themes:

  • Epidemiology of dental caries in children
  • Gemistocytic astrocytoma: clinical, morphological, molecular and genetic characteristics, treatment strategy
  • Molecular and genetic characteristics of dermatomitset (Trichophyton)- causative pathogens of onychomycosis 
  • MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for intraspecific typing of coagulase-negative staphylococci 
  • The effect of different treatment methods on gonarthrosis clinical course
  • Diagnosis and treatment of foot onychomycosis in senior citizens of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region
  • Invention of intraoral orthopedic apparatus and forming nasal stent for children with congenital facial clefts
  • Impact assessment of possible risk factors on endocrine and urological - andrological pathology in children and adolescents of St.Petersburg
  • Reaction of EC-epithelial cells of rats intestinal mucosa to melatonin injection