Ophtalmology chair No. 1

Ophtalmology chair No. 1


195067, St. Petersburg,
Piskarevsky Pr., 47 pavilion 19

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The Chair of Ophthalmology was founded at the Psychoneurological Institute in 1912. Professor Jacov Vladimirovich Zelenkovsky (graduate of St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy) was its first head till 1930, and from 1930 to 1932 the Chair was headed by professor Leonid Konstantinovich Solovyev. The scientific direction of the Chair includes problems of ophthalmic traumatism, infectious, exchange diseases of eyes made, trachomas and researches in ocular refraction. The Head who formulated and developed the cytotoxic theory of sympathetic inflammation.


During the period from 1932 to 1941 the Chair has been working under the supervision of professor Evgeny Zhanovich Tron. His scientific interest at the Institute was connected with the studying of fundamentals of ocular refraction. The Head and employees pursued the issues of biochemistry of crystalline lens, color perception, conduction system pathology of the visual analyzer (defended thesis: I.G. Titov, O.A. Bokhon, P.E. Kisin, R.G. Brown).


During the Great Patriotic War the position of the Head of the department remained vacant, lectures were given by professor Boris Lvovich Polyak and associate professor Alexey Alekseevich Gastev. The clinic was engaged in treatment of wounded with eye damages. Despite severe conditions of siege, personnel selflessly has been working in the name of health of fighters and commanders. 


Since 1945 for 20 years professor Pavel Efremovich Tikhomirov headed the Chair (pupil of academician M.I. Averbakh) who was famous for his original researches in various areas of ophthalmology: lacrimal passages diseases, military traumatism of the eyes.


In research work of the Chair the glaucoma problem starts taking a special place. Numerous researches in etiology, pathogenesis, early diagnostics and glaucoma treatment were carried out.

From 1965 to 1990 the Chair was headed by professor, corresponding member of AMS of USSR Apollon Nikolayevich Dobromyslov, the pupil of professor A.Ya. Samoilov. Under his supervision the Chair continued an extensive study of traditional problem of glaucoma. Researches had both clinical, and experimental character and was fixed in thesises of Marianna Dmitriyevna Kvasova, Natalia Borisovna Panina, Vladimir Nikolaevich Alekseev, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Kugleev, Alexey Mikhaylovich Zagorulko, etc. During this period staff of the Chair paid much attention to the organization of mass periodic health examinations at the enterprises and in the city institutions, they actively introduced a dispensary method of work with glaucoma patients in policlinics. In 1968 for the first time in Leningrad Vyacheslav Ivanovich Sadkovym put through and implemented glaucoma microoperations. Operation on cataract extraction with the corneal section (A.N. Dobromyslov and L.V. Chekurova) is worked out and widely made today all over the country.

Under the supervision of A.N. Dobromyslov 23 candidate and 2 doctoral thesises were defended, 2 monographs and more than 200 scientific works were published. A.N. Dobromyslov took active part in publishing of fundamental "Guide Eye Diseases" and textbook "Ophthalmology" for students of medical schools.

The Chair was one of the first in the academy where possibilities of the modern computer equipments began to be used in pedagogical work. Introduction of rating marks, screening interview, intermediate and total computerized testing, preparation of leading edge guidebooks and video allow maintaining of considerable interest to the discipline among students and especially members of the Students' Scientific Circle (SSC).
SSC began the work at our Chair in the 50-60th years. Since 2005 Malevannaya Olga Aleksandrovna, associate professor of the Chair of ophthalmology is appointed as a new Head of SSC.

Since 1990 the Head of the chair is professor Vladimir Nikolayevich Alekseev. Together with the employees he actively continues to study the main topic – primary glaucoma. The system of preventive measures developed by professor V. N. Alekseev on improvement of outcomes of antiglaucoma operations allowed to increase efficiency of operative treatment and proved its medico-social importance.

30 PhD thesises and 1 doctoral thesis are defended under the supervision of professor V.N.Alekseev, author of more than 300 scientific works, including 5 monographs, 4 patents of invention. Staff of the chair published some hundred scientific articles, 5 collections of scientific works, number of monographs and manuals. Scientists of the Chair are participants of many international congresses, symposiums, conventions and country conferences.


















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In recent years there is a growth trend of the number of students interested in ophthalmology. Now 7-10 students from different courses of faculties of general medicine and preventive medicine regularly visit SSC meetings. Clinical interns of the Chair and students of other higher education institutions are interested in the meetings of SSC. Students of senior years take active part in the work of the department of eye microsurgery at our University. The best SSC members continue further training in the clinical internship and PG course at our Chair. At present the former participants of SSC work as ophthalmologists in various policlinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers of St. Petersburg, North-Western region and the countries from CIS.
It is necessary to note an increasing interest of graduates to our specialty. For the last 20 years more than 150 clinical interns were trained at the Chair. Now on chair are trained 19 clinical interns from our country and one foreign. A large number of our graduates work at present as senior ophthalmosurgeon in the interdistrict ophthalmologic departments, in the Center "Eye Microsurgery" (St. Petersburg) that confirms the high level of education at our Chair.

Considering the main problematic of the Chair (treatment and rehabilitation of patients with glaucoma), clinic is traditionally engaged in the surgical treatment and by right is considered one of the leaders in treatment of this pathology not only in St. Petersburg‚ but also all over the country. In the clinic all the most widespread antiglaucoma operations are made in Russia‚ including operations developed by the employees of the Chair.

In addition the high-tech equipment of the operational unit of the clinic allows carrying out microsurgical treatment of various diseases of visual organ at the highest level: cataract extractions with implantation of various models of intraocular lenses, phacoemulsification, types of vitrectomy, plastic surgery.

In the accredited clinic of the highest category it is developed the optometric center with contact correction of ametropy. New methods of computer diagnostics and not surgical treatment of primary glaucoma, express diagnostics‚ acupuncture and modern schemes of medication are applied in practice.