Neurosurgery chair

History and description

The Neurosurgery chair was founded by the order № 20 of the Rector on March, 19, 1935 in Leningrad State Institute of improvement of doctors skills (LENGIDUV). Andrey Lvovich Polenov became the organizer of the neurosurgery chair and its first Head (1935-1947), one of the founders of national neurosurgery, the full member of the Academy of Medical Sciences  of USSR, the honored master of science, laureate of state prize of I degree, professor. Being at the same time the director of Leningrad Neurosurgery Institute, the brilliant clinical physician, the erudite in various areas of medicine, the scientist of world-wide reputation, talented organizer A.L. Polenov made the great contribution to develop national neurosurgery.

From the moment of foundation of Neurosurgery chair Professor A.L. Polenov published many fundamental monographs which became the bechbook for the whole generation of neurosurgeons such as: "Short course of surgical neuropathology", L. 1935; "Short course of technique of operations of peripheral and central nervous system", L. 1937; defended the following thesis: "Surgical treatment of tumors of IV ventricle", in 1937 and "About the closed spinal injuries and about surgeries on them" in 1939.

To put in practice neurosurgeons preparation in the country he involved his nearest pupils assistants (later - professors) on the chair: Isaak S. Babchin and Anton V. Bondarchuk and also Ivan S. Vaskin - highly skilled neurosurgeons and talented teachers. Only during the period of the Great Patriotic War the staff of the chair didn't carry out specialization courses and even under heavy conditions of Siege of Leningrad rendered every day the surgical help to wounded.

During the Siege the staff of the chair along with practical work continued to publish monographs which became manuals for doctors of wartime: "Technique of operations on the nervous system at traumas in wartime ", L. 1941; "Causalgia and its surgical treatment", L. 1942; "Bases of military neurosurgery", L. 1942; " Trophesies on extremities after gunshot wounds", L. 1944.

From 1947 to 1969 the chair was headed by professor Isaak S. Babchin an outstanding clinical physician, talented scientist, great teacher who made an invaluable contribution not only to the preparation of practical neurosurgeons  as well as allied experts and scientists for our whole country – the chair became a forge of highly skilled neurosurgeons. Besides professor A.V. Bondarchuk and associate professor I.S. Vaskin: the assistant (then associate professor, professor) Leonid V. Abrakov (till 1974), assistants, Ph.D.: Yu.P. Krivosheina, A.S. Gabrielyan, N.P. Ryabukh,  Yu.A. Garmashov, A.V. Novikov worked at the chair during this period.

In the post-war period the staff of chair continue scientific publications: "The atlas of operations on the brain and spinal cord", L. 1946; "Surgery of vegetative nervous system", L. 1947; "Atlas of gunshot wounds of the skull and brain", T.1, 1948; "Bases of practical neurosurgery", L. 1954; "Operative neurosurgery", 1959; "Brain tumors at children and teenagers", L. 1967, etc.

Since 1967 the staff of the chair works at a problem of epilepsy and in 1971 the first monograph on this subject: "Focal epilepsy at children's age".

From 1969 to 1989 Alexandra G. Zemskaya, D.Sc., professor, laureate of state prize of RSFSR, honoured doctor of the Russian Federation, emeritus professor of SPbMAPS – the erudite brilliant clinical physician, talented teacher, big scientist was the Head of the chair. A.G. Zemskaya improved pedagogical process on the chair, made a huge contribution to the development of various sections of neurosurgery, especially in diagnostics and surgical treatment of various forms of epilepsy; for great achievements together with professors N.P. Ryabukha and Yu.A. Garmashov in 1990 awarded the state prize of RSFSR. During this period a united group of teachers worked at the chair; it should be noticed that professor-neurologist V.I. Samoilov, associate professor V.N. Musikhin, and assistants, Ph.D.: V.N. Berezin, T.A. Skoromts. Till 2006 professor A.G. Zemskaya continued to work as the professor of the chair.

In 1989 Nikolai P. Ryabukha, Ph.D, professor, laureate of state prize of RSFSR was elected as the Head of the chair. He was a pupil of Professor I.S. Babchin, highly skilled, erudite neurosurgeon, nice teacher, talented scientist, who leaded the chair till 1997, and then till now works as the professor. He is the author of 267 published scientific works, monograph "Multifocal epilepsy" (сo-authorship with V.P. Bersnev), 14 chapters in different monographes.

The Head of the Neurosurgery chair

Since 1997 till now the Head of the chair is Valery P. Bersnev, D.Sc., professor, honoured master of science of the Russian Federation, the member of Euro-Asian Academy of sciences, Russian and European Academy of natural sciences, International Academy of authors of scientific discoveries and inventions. At the same time from 1987 to 2009 Bersnev was the director of Russian Neurosurgical Institute named after professor A.L. Polenov, and since 2009 till now he is the chief of the department of trauma surgery of the central nervous system. The well-known scientist of world-wide reputation, highly skilled neurosurgeon, talented teacher and organizer of the neurosurgical service of our country at the same time carries out the great public work, being the President of St. Petersburg Association of  neurosurgeons, chief neurosurgeon of Healthcare Committee of St. Petersburg Mayor office, member of MAPS Academic Council and surgical faculty, Chairman of  specialized Council for Ph.D. and D.Sc. thesis defences at Russian Neurosurgical Institute named after professor A.L. Polenov, and also the member and editor of several journals. V.P. Bersnev was awarded numerous diplomas, medals and orders.



           Valery P. Bersnev                                            Employees



Professors: N. P. Ryabukha, D.Sc., laureate of state prize of RSFSR, A.V. Vereshchako, D.Sc., Yu.A. Shulev, Ph.D., E.I. Usanov, Ph.D.

Associate professors: A.Yu. Ulitin, Ph.D., the deputy director on scientific and medical work of Russian Neurosurgical Institute named after professor A.L. Polenov, Yu.I.Boroda, Ph.D., V.M.Dragun, Ph.D., chief neurosurgeon of the Leningrad region, V.N. Musikhin, Ph.D., Head of the educational unit.

Assistants: A.Yu. Ivanov, Ph.D., V.G. Valerko, Ph.D., A.N. Solovyev, Ph.D.


Services/directions of activity

Academic work

Since 1997 professor Bersnev is the Head of the chair. He established new certified courses: "Neurosurgery", "Nursing Care in neurosurgery" for nurses of neurosurgical departments, course of thematic improvement "Injuries and diseases of back bone and spinal cord".

During the work of neurosurgery chair 7380 listeners completed the courses of specialization in neurosurgery and improvement in various branches of neurosurgery.

The chair carries out training courses and at the same time prepares specialists in clinical internship; after its termination 111 neurosurgeons work as chiefs at the departments, as interns of neurosurgical departments in different cities of our country and the countries near and far abroad. Then a half of them pursued postgraduate studies, doctoral studies.

Practical work of doctors listeners and clinical interns is carried out on 6 clinical bases of the chair, the main one is Russian Neurosurgical Institute named after professor A.L. Polenov with 210 beds on different departments: traumas of CNS, surgery of peripheral nervous system, neuro-oncology, surgery of vessels of CNS, children's neurosurgery, anesthesiology and reanimation, functional diagnostics. The multi-type hospital No. 2 has a neurosurgical center including two departments with 120 beds; 17 City Hospital has 3 neurosurgical departments with 140 beds. Besides, neurosurgical departments of Hospital No. 3, Medical Unit-122, Leningrad region clinical hospital, Children city clinical hospital No. 19 named after K.A. Raukhfus are bases of the chair. All of them are equipped with modern instruments and techniques. Teachers of the chair work at each department.

Research work

The chair carries out successful research work in various aspects of neurosurgery. Thematic Scientific Research Work "Clinic, Diagnostics, Treatment of Epilepsy and Epileptic Syndrome at Consequences of Cerebropathy and Brain Diseases" the head of the chair V.P. Bersnev published more than 700 scientific works with 10 monographs from them, trained 7 doctors and 45 Ph.D.

On the chair 58 neurosurgeons completed postgraduate studies, and at present 12 postgraduate students are studying, 21 doctoral thesis are defended and 2 are carried out by doctoral candidates. It is published 49 monographs, 291 journal articles, more than 150 theses for training manuals, methodical recommendations. Staff of the chair received 55 certificates of invention, patents, and also of 4 discoveries.

The chair celebrates its anniversary and the employees plan new tasks to improve educational, pedagogical work and to increase scientific research activity.


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