Gastroenterology and dietology chair

Gastroenterology and dietology chair


Phone/fax: 8 (812) 235-10-93
Address: 197110, Saint-Petersburg, Dynamo pr., 3
Clinical Center: City Clinical Hospital № 31
Metro stations: "Krestovsky Ostrov", "Chkalovskaya", "Chernaya Rechka", bus № 25


In 1981 the course of dietotherapy was created at the Сhair of Therapy №1 of Leningrad State Institute of improvement of doctors skills (Head of the Сhair – prof. A.A. Krylov), course mentor - Ya.B. Eydinov, D.Sc., associate professor.

In 1983 the training course was transformed into the Chair of Clinical Dietology which was headed by V.V. Shchedrunov, professor, D.Sc., Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation. In 1991 it was renamed into the Chair of Gastroenterology and Dietology.

Since 1992 to the present the Head of the chair is A.Yu. Baranovsky, D.Sc., professor.

Head and employees:

Head of the Chair Baranovsky Andrey Yuryevich

Nazarenko Lyudmila Ivanovna, D.Sc., professor
Petrov Dmitry Pavlovich, PhD, associate professor
Schukina Oksana Borisovna, PhD, associate professor
Raykhelson Karina Leonidovna, PhD, associate professor
Protopopova Olga Borisovna, PhD, associate professor
Elina Aleksandrovna Kondrashina, PhD, associate professor
Semenov Nikolay Vladimirovich, PhD, assistant
Mikhaylichenko Tatyana Gennadyevna, candidate of pedagogic sciences, senior laboratory assistant
Fedorov Vera Lvovna, candidate of pedagogic sciences, senior laboratory assistant
Kharitonov Andrey Gennadyevich, assistant
Mitelglik Uliana Andreevna, assistant
Marchenko Natalia Valeryevna, senior laboratory assistant
Trotsyuk Sergey Petrovich, senior laboratory assistant
Ivanova Tatyana Ivanovna, laboratory assistant

Services/activity directions:

Training programmes:

  • in the internship with the specialization in "Therapy": diseases of respiratory organs, diseases of blood circulation organs, diseases of digestive apparatus, diseases of kidney and urinary tracts, diseases of hemopoietic (blood-forming) organs, diseases of endocrine system and metabolism, diseases of joints, allergosises, infectious diseases, tuberculosis, nervous diseases, fundamental disciplines, fundamentals of healthcare management and insurance medicine.
  • in clinical residency with the specialization in "Gastroenterology": organization of the gastroenterological aid to the population, theoretical fundamentals of clinical gastroenterology, research methods of digestive apparatus functions, gullet diseases, disease of stomach and duodenum, liver disease, diseases of gallbladder and bile passages, pancreatic diseases, diseases of large and small intestines, tumourous diseases of digestive apparatus, intensive therapy and reanimation at urgent conditions in gastroenterology, diet therapy of diseases of digestive apparatus, pharmacology in gastroenterology.
  • in clinical residency with the specialization in "Dietology": theoretical fundamentals of social hygiene, fundamentals of nutrition of healthy and sick person, diseases of digestive apparatus and diet therapy of the disease of cardio-vascular system and diet therapy, diseases of kidneys, urinary tracts and diet therapy, diseases of endocrine system, metabolic dysfunction and diet therapy, diseases of respiratory organs and diet therapy, nutrition at some surgical diseases, diet therapy at some other conditions and diseases, basics of cooking process.

Besides, cycles of improvement and professional retraining of doctors in gastroenterology and dietology are carried out at the chair. Educational process is carried out on the basis of unified programme of postgraduate education of doctors in gastroenterology and dietology. The training programme covers all necessary volume of theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the gastroenterologist or the nutritionist in carrying out independent medical and preventive work:

  • Planned cycles of certified improvement in gastroenterology and dietology last for 1-2 months that depends on the subject and tasks of the cycle. Subject to the appropriate requirements for each cycle the doctor has the right to pass examination for confirmation of the specialist certificate.
  • Cycles in thematic improvement (full-time, evening, irregular) are carried out for therapists and gastroenterologists of St. Petersburg policlinics. During these cycles doctors-listeners can receive the most up-to-date information in particular questions of gastroenterology, dietology and therapy.
  • Cycles of professional retraining in the specialties "Gastroenterology" and "Dietology" are drawn up according to the order of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation and last not less than 3,5 months (504 hours). Training at these cycles is carried out both on budgetary, and on monetary base. At the end of the training period doctors pass examination and receive the diploma and the specialist certificate enable to work independently as gastroenterologist or dietarian.

Main directions of scientific work:

  • Forming of methodologies for prediction of origin and course of some digestive apparatus diseases, as well as for improvement of their diagnostics. These are inflammatory diseases of intestines (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis), noninfectious liver diseases (autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, autoimmune crossed syndromes, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis), gastroduodenal ulcers, intestinal dysbiosis, etc.
  • Search of ways for prevention of unfavorable current and outcomes of diseases using dietary, pharmacological and non-medicinal methods of treatment and prevention.
  • Development and implementation of optimal forms of hospital and post-hospital rehabilitation of patients with diseases of digestive apparatus, including patients after surgical treatment.