Oncology chair

Head of the chair – Prof., Ph.D., Alexey M. Belyaev

On October, 2011 Alexey M. Belyaev, director of the scientific research institute of oncology named after N.N. Petrov was appointed as the head of the united chair of oncology. A.M. Belyaev graduated from Military Medical Academy, where he worked as a teacher on the chair of naval surgery. In 2004 he defended the thesis on the theme «Cytoreductive operations and hyperthermiс intraperitoneal chemotherapy in the complex treatment of widespread forms of abdominal cancer». Since 2007 on 2009 A.M. Belyaev was the head of the department of naval surgery at the Military Medical Academy and at the same time the head of the division of emergency oncology health services in the Scientific Research Institute named after I.I. Dzhanelidze. In 2009 A.M. Belyaev was appointed as a director of the Scientific Research Institute of oncology named after N.N. Petrov.

Annually for about 750 students of the 6th course, 250 doctors – listeners, as well as 10-15 clinical interns, 2-3 graduate students study at the chair.




Directions of activity

The main directions of educational, scientific and practical activities of the staff of oncology chair are:

  • Maintenance of traditions of the oncology chair.
  • Use of enormous potential of the Institute for oncology teaching.
  • Fundamental oncology for practicing physician.
  • Modern methods of combined and complex treatment of malignant tumors (including highly-tech).
  • Psychological problems in oncology.
  • Palliative treatment of malignant tumors.

Faculty staff

Professors: A.S. Barchuk, A.M. Belyaev, M.L. Gelfond, E.N. Imyanitov E.V. Levchenko, V.G. Lemekhov, V.F. Semiglazov, A.F. Urmancheeva.
Associate professors: A.I. Arsenyev, A.I. Vorobyev, E.V. Demin, A.E. Mikhnin, A.E.Protasova, E.A. Ulrikh, V.A. Chulkova.
Assistants: N.Yu. Aristidov, N.A. Vorobyev, P.V. Krivorotko, F.V. Moiseenko, A.A. Ryazankina, Yu.V. Semiletova, V.Yu. Khalturin.

Main directions of scientific work

The chair of oncology carries out scientific research work on the planned theme «Improvement of methods of diagnostics and treatment of solid tumors and lymphoproliferous diseases».

Scientific directions of the chair activity are defined by the theme of planned SRW and include:

  • Optimization of surgical methods of treatment, including operations retaining organs, reconstructive and plastic operations, as well as ultraradical cytoreduction using the photodynamic therapy, an argono-plasmic destruction, endovideosurgery implementation.
  • Increase the efficiency of medicinal therapy in treatment of malignant new growths, including a hyperthermiс perfusion of chemical medicine, chemotherapy with high strength dose, biotherapy.
  • Development of the technique necessary for selection of individual schemes of chemotherapeutic preparations in the treatment of patients with solid and lymphoproliferous diseases using of achievements of modern fundamental oncology and an oncomorfology.
  • Optimization of the radial and combined therapy of solid tumors and malignant lymphoma.
  • Development of the most adequate ways for social and psychological rehabilitation.