Small Innovative Enterprise «Dentistry institution»


Dear colleagues and patients,

Our goal is to bring knowledge and science in favor of practical healthcare.

In SIE «Dentistry institution»  we use modern therapeutic  and  diagnostic  equipment, scientifically based techniques  of dentistry rehabilitation. We are welcome you and glad to cooperate.

Catherine Kirsanova is a physician-in-chief of SIE «Dentistry institution».



In 2014 in North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov was set up a Small Innovative Enterprise «Dentistry institution», which realizes innovative medical techniques and implement intellectual activity results.

Innovation activity is a  sequential process of transforming ideas into final product or service, undergoing stages of fundamental and applied researchers,
engineering development. Literally, innovation is a process of practical use of inventions.

Members of SIE «Dentistry institution»   are the leading and highly experienced specialists in the field of stomatology in Saint-Petersburg area. Among them are doctors and candidates of medicine, postgraduates, researchers and young scientists.




SIEs focus areas