International activities

Department for International Affairs

Main office:

  • Nathalie Zinserling - Head of the Department
  • Yuliya Kochubeeva
  • Kseniya Krylova

Kirochnaya st.. 41, administration building, 2-nd floor

Tel. (812 )303-50-06 (ext. 1223), (812) 272-25-06


Satellite  office:

  • Aliona Kibitova,
  • Nikolaj Matsievskiy         

Piskarevskiy pr. 47, building 25, 3 floor

Tel. (812) 543-98-88 (ext. 8258)


Working Hours: Monday - Friday 9.30-17.00.


International activities and prospects:

  • university positioning on the international level, including educational, to enhance the prestige  of medical education in Russia;
  • development and increase of students’ exchange programs to meet the world standards;
  • development and increase of professional traineeships for the University medical and administrative staff to expand and strength the international cooperation, as well as to enrich the experience;
  • promote the academic mobility;
  • increase the number of visiting professors and foreign experts;
  • search educational and scientific grants.