International activities

Department for International Affairs

Staff of the main office:

  • Nathalie Zinserling - Head of the Department
  • Yuliya Kochubeeva
  • Kseniya Krylova

Location: Kirochnaya ul. 41, administration building, 2-nd floor


Staff of the additional office:

  • Aliona Kibitova,
  • Nikolaj Matsievskiy
  • Anastasiia Timmat - specialist on migration regulations

Location: Piskarevskiy pr. 47, building 25, 2-nd floor

Working Hours: Monday - Friday 9.30-17.00.
Acceptance of documents on migration registration: 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10.00 – 13.00; 16.30 – 17.00
Wednesday: 10.00 – 17.00
Please contact us directly:
Main office: Tel. / Fax. 272-25-06, 303-50-06 (ext. 1223)
Additional office: Tel. 543-98-88 (ext. 8258); questions concerning migration registration: 544-68-38 (ext. 8569);

The main areas of activities and prospects for further development of the University international cooperation:

  • Active positioning of the University in the educational market both for undergraduate and postgraduate programs to attract foreign trainees and in order to enhance prestige of the medical professional education in the Russian Federation
  • Development and increase of students’ educational exchanges for the purpose of enhance University prestige up to world standards
  • Development and increase of professional traineeships for the University medical specialists and employees for the purpose of expansion and strengthening of international relations in particular specialties, as well as to enrich the experience
  • Participation in multi-institutional international large-scale scientific studies in specialized medical areas
  • Increase of academic mobility for sending the University leading staff abroad to give lectures, workshops and master classes
  • Increase the number of invited foreign specialists
  • Ensuring of maximum continuity in the implementation of the Bologna Process
  • The maximum correspondence of research findings and its recognition at the international level