Список документов, необходимых для приёма на обучение 31.05.01 Лечебное дело (реализуемое частично на английском языке)\ List of documents required for admission to General Medicine (31.05.01.), partly in English

Information for foreign citizens applying to M.D. course in General Medicine (31.05.01.), partly in English (SPETSIALITET)

For each entrance test, the following minimum number of points is established, confirming the successful completion of the entrance test:

Chemistry -50, Biology -50.
List of documents required for admission to General Medicine (31.05.01.), partly in English:
All scanned copies of documents should be sent to the e-mail: priem.dog.lechdelin@szgmu.ru, in the subject line indicate please your full name and the country (For example: Alex A. Ivanov - Italy)
1. Application for admission to training (DOWNLOAD)
2. Consent to the processing of personal data of the applicant (DOWNLOAD)
3. Identity and citizenship document (passport), with a notarized translation
4. Education document (Certificate / diploma with the supplement), with a notarized translation (legalization of the document, if necessary)
5. Marriage certificate / divorce certificate / certificate of name change, with a notarized translation (if necessary)
6. Medical certificate form 086 /y
7. Migration and visa documents (if the applicant is on the territory of the Russian Federation)
8. Statement of consent to enrollment (DOWNLOAD)
Additionally, to make a contract for the provision of paid educational services, you should send:
9. Completed application form (DOWNLOAD)
10. Scanned copies of documents from Appendix № 1 (DOWNLOAD)
11. Consent to the processing of personal data of the CUSTOMER, if necessary (DOWNLOAD)
Instructions for concluding a Contract:
1. After receiving the application form and documents, the University will prepare a CONTRACT and send it for signature to the email specified in the application for admission.
2. The applicant signs the Contract and sends it to the email: priem.dog.lechdelin@szgmu.ru (the original is to be provided to the University upon your arrival within 14 days).
3. The University signs the Contract only if the minimum passing score is overcome and a statement of consent to enrollment from the applicant is available.
The signed Contract is sent by the University to the email specified in the application for admission, and after it you can pay for the training.
Payment options:
• Payment in cash or by credit card at the university cash desk at Piskarevsky prospect, 47, Pavilion 30, right front door, 2nd floor, office 3, from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00
• You can send a request to the accountant for invoice to email: Elena.Miller@szgmu.ru  or call +7 812 303-50-00, ext. 8303 or 8308, then pay at any bank branch.
• Pay through the University website in the "online payment" section (https://szgmu.ru/rus/m/4576/). To pay for the service, fill in the required fields and click the "Pay" button. Commission for payment of services - NOT CHARGED.
In case of additional questions regarding tuition fees - call +7 812 303-50-00, ext. 8303 or 8308
4. After payment, please send a check (receipt), if possible, to the University to the email priem.dog.lechdelin@szgmu.ru