On January 25-31, 2018 within long-term cooperation with Nagasaki University was conducted the Japanese-Russian workshop «Population health protection» attended by lecturers and students both from Japan and Russia. On January 25 and 26 were given 8 lectures on radiation safety and hygiene by Japanese and Russian professors.

It was a first visit for Prof.Waguri, Deputy Director for International Cooperation of the Fukushima Medical University. Thus, the workshop strengths the collaboration between the Universities resulted in the development of a joint educational program.

The Parties agreed to the creation of a working group, the first meeting of which was held on January 25. The NWSMU was represented by Alexey V.Silin, Acting Vice-Rector on education, research and innovations, Alexander V.Melzer, Acting Vice-rector for preventive medicine, Elena I.Matcenko, Head of the legal department, Svyatoslav L. Plavinskiy, Chief academic officer,Natalia N.Petrova, Head of Training Center on Master, Bachelor, Specialist Degree Programmes, Nathalie V. Zinserling, Head of the Department of International Affairs and Natalya V.Erastova, Head of the Department of the preventive medicine development.