Academic Mobility




The University has 7 faculties:

•          General Medicine Faculty

•          Preventive Medicine Faculty

•          Pediatric Faculty

•          Dentistry Faculty

•          Surgical Faculty

•          Biomedical Faculty

•          Therapeutic Faculty


Please fill in the Application form and send necessary documents to the email address:

We will inform you about the all internship possibilities.




We offer 8 module courses.

Our offers are really flexible in time.

For more information please send the request on email address:



In order to participate in internship or exchange programs at NWSMU, your home university and NWSMU must have a bilateral agreement. Please contact the International Office at your home university to find out if such a bilateral agreement exists.

If there is an agreement, you will first apply to your International Office for an internship placement. Your university must nominate you before you can apply to NWSMU. If you have been nominated by your home university, you can apply to the NWSMU International Office.

If we do not have a bilateral agreement with your home University, please apply directly to the NWSMU International Office We will discuss the terms of your internship at NWSMU.


  • Language Requirements

NWSMU does not require an English/Russian Language Proficiency test from the students, i.e. they do not have to submit a TOEFL, IELTS etc. score to be admitted to NWSMU. However, the students should have a good command of English or Russian to be able to successfully complete their semesters at NWSMU.

  • Application

Please send on the International Coordinator email the application documents.

Required documents:

  1. Application form 
  2. Copy of International Passport
  3. Learning Agreement (for exchange program)
  4. Motivation letter (for exchange program)
  5. Transcripts of Records (for exchange program)

Important: Since you most likely need to apply for a visa, we strongly recommend you to complete the application procedure as early and quickly as possible, so that you can receive our admission letter in due time.


In order to be able to study in Russia, you may need to apply for an entry visa. This depends on your nationality. After your application confirmation we apply for the invitation at the official organization called UFMS. The process of issuing invitation takes 1 month. Then we’ll send it to you via email and you will be able to apply for visa in your country.  Also, in needed, it can be sent via express post provided the service expenses are covered by the recipient. Please note that the University is not obliged to cover any expenses regarding post service.



NWSMU has its own campuses:

Student Campus – prospect Prosvescheniya, 45

Hotel “Severnaya” – prospect Prosvescheniya, 45

Hotel “Hotel Academia” – Zanevskiy pr. 1/82

More information:


BUDDY program

Incoming exchange students will have a personal student tutor (BUDDY) who will familiarize the studying culture to the incoming student and help the students on the different issues during his study period at NWSMU. We will send you BUDDY contacts before semester starts.




  • Valid passport with visa
  • Medical insurance
  • 4 passport-size (3cm x 4cm) photos on a mat paper
  • Contacts of your buddy
  • Contacts of NWSMU International Office
  • Contact details for your embassy/consulate/diplomatic mission in Russia
  • Medical and surgical overalls, second pair of shoes
  • other necessary things




  • Bring enough cash for the first few days. Not all taxis take credit cards; card readers and ATMs may not always work when you need them etc.
  • Before the flight, charge your mobile devices and refill your mobile and Internet accounts in case urgent communication will be needed.
  • Bring an adapter if needed: Russian electric outlets take round 2-pin Euro plugs with 220V current.
  • If you take any prescription medication, be sure to bring enough of it for the entire duration of your trip, as some medications may be unavailable in Russia, as such or without a local doctor’s prescription.
  • Warm clothes and boots, gloves and scarves are always a must.


  • Be sure to receive your migration card at the passport control
  • Get in touch with your buddy and confirm he/she is meeting you
  • Take a ride and reach your accommodation



  • Check into dormitory, receive your key



  • Complete all necessary admission procedures, get enrolled
  • Meet your mobility coordinator
  • Manage the schedule of your classes
  • Get familiar with the location of NWSMU campuses
  • Pick up your registration
  • Receive your Student beige from your coordinator
  • Buy a SIM card for your phone (only after obtaining the registration)
  • Open a bank account (if necessary)




Yuliya Y. Kashina

International Coordinator

сell: +7 (812) 543 98 88


Piskarevskiy pr.  47, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 195067


cell: +7 (812) 303 50 06