How to apply to study with us


How to apply to MD course:

1) Fill in the application form

2) Prepare scan documents from List of documents required for admission for foreign citizens

3) Fill in Consent to the processing of personal data of the applicant

4) Fill in Statement of consent to enrollment

5) All scanned copies of documents should be sent to the e-mail: , in the subject line indicate please your full name and the country (For example: Alex A. Ivanov - Italy)

All required documents are available here

How to apply to preparatory programs:

  • The dates of documents submission and conclusion of the Contract: from 24.09.2020 to 15.11.2020.
  • Send an e-mail to with completed Application form, Request form, Consent to the processing of personal data with required scanned copies of documents (Appendix № 1);  if the Applicant is minor, Parental consent letter should be filled out;
  • In the subject line Applicant’s full name and education program should be indicated (e. g. Alex V. Ivanov - “University entrance preparation” or Alex V. Ivanov - “Russian for foreign postgraduate applicants”)
  • All documents should be filled out in Russian and submitted via e-mail

All required documents are available here

How to apply to Summer and Winter Schools on medicine:

1) Fill in the Application form

2) Send the filled form to or

How to apply to internship or exchange program:

  • In order to participate in internship or exchange programs at the NWSMU, your home university and the NWSMU should have a bilateral agreement. Please, contact the International Office at your home university to find out if such a bilateral agreement exists.
  • If there is an agreement, you will first apply to your International Office for an internship placement. Your university should nominate you before you can apply to NWSMU. If you have been nominated by your home university, you can apply to the NWSMU International Office.
  • If we do not have a bilateral agreement with your home University, please apply directly to the NWSMU International Office We will discuss the terms of your internship at NWSMU.
  • Please send on the International Coordinator e- mail the required documents:

1) Application form 

2) Copy of International Passport

3) Learning Agreement (for exchange program)

4) Motivation letter (for exchange program)

5) Transcripts of Records (for exchange program)

Important: Since you most likely need to apply for a visa, we recommend you to complete the application procedure as quickly as possible, so that you can receive our admission letter in due time.

Visa: In order to be able to study in Russia, you may need to apply for an entry visa. It depends on the country you are from. After your application confirmation we apply for the invitation at the official organization called UFMS (Federal Migration Service). The process of issuing invitation usually takes 1 month. Then we’ll send it to you via e-mail and you will be able to apply for visa in your country.  Also, if needed, it can be sent via express post provided the service expenses are covered by the recipient. Please note that the University is not obliged to cover any expenses regarding post service.