On March 3-6, 2018 the delegation from Fukushima Medical University and Nagasaki University visited our University to enhance and continue the development of a joint educational program.

On March 5, NWSMU signed the agreement on academic cooperation with Fukushima Medical University represented by Prof. Takenoshita, President of the University, Prof. Yamashita, and Vice-President of the University.

The signing ceremony continued by the workshop «Population health protection. Preventive aspects of radiation safety» which was attended by University staff and students of preventive medicine department. The workshop was marked by the solemn ceremony of awarding the title of «Doctor Honoris Causa» to Prof.Yamashita, who was a pioneer of Japanese-Russian relations in University and made a significant contribution to the world science.

During the seminar were presented the reports on topical problems of public health within radiation safety as well as the report on the development of the joint educational program.

On March 6, the Japanese delegation visited the University clinics: the department of cardio-vascular surgery, dialysis center, Department of pathology. The University history museum made a deep impression, especially the first European book on medicine translated into Japanese-"Anatomic tables" by Johann Kulmus, 1759.

We hope that the visit of our Japanese colleagues makes the further cooperation fruitful and mutually beneficial.