Students’ exchange projects 2018 started unusually early for our University. So, in March we accepted 7 foreign students for medical internship: 4 students from University of Bergen, Norway; as well student from Università di Palermo, Italy, and 2 students from Mahidol University, Thailand in the frame of the agreement with IFMSA.

Within this month students from Italy and Thailand underwent medical practice at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Department of X-ray diagnostics, Department of Endocrinology as well. During this period under the supervision of the Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery   Dr. Kirill V. Kuznetcov, DSc the Italian student took part in coronary artery bypass graft surgery, aortic and mitral valve replacement, plastic of tricuspid valve and other open-heart surgeries. The trainees from Bangkok under the guidance of Dr. Anna N. Vydrach, PhD at the Department of Endocrinology managed to examine patients suffered from diabetes, Cushing disease, Conn syndrome, tumors of adrenal glands. Moreover, at the Department of X-ray diagnostics with tutor Konstantin Y. Alexandrov the both students carried out the analysis of CT imaging, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound scanning.

Meanwhile students from Norway were invited to NWSMU n.a. I.I. Mechnikov to participate in the mutual exchange project organized in the frame of the educational grant CPRU 2015/2017 in the field of neurology. Four girls from Bergen were involved in the clinical case study of patient with Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, peripheral facial nerve paresis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and patients with consequences of acute cerebrovascular accident under the guidance of Dr. Inga V. Chistova, PhD. Besides, Norwegian students got acquainted with the Department of magnetic resonance tomography and Department of interventional methods of diagnostics and treatment.

Furthermore during the visit at our University all trainees had a great opportunity to take part in the work of educational simulation center, where the Head of the Center Zakhar V. Lopatin gave a tour around. Foreign students mastered practical skills of resuscitation procedure, made injections and other medical manipulations on phantoms.

On behalf of the Department for International Affairs we would like to express our cordial gratitude to the Heads of the Departments, medical staff and all involved students who helped in translation during the clinical case study, and lavished attention on our foreign guests, thus created the amicable atmosphere contributing to the acquiring of theoretical and practical knowledge and, in so far as it reinforces the international partnership.

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