On April 19 the Club of the Funny and Inventive «PharmQuiz» performed for the first time in NWSMU. The Club was organized by the Head of the Department of Pharmacology Sergey N. Proshin and the 4-year student Dmitrij Kachanov.

The real tussle loomed between the teams of the 3-year students in different contests: “Greeting”, music and whip-smart battle, as well video battle “Pharmacology of the future”. Students showed high level of training, moreover surprised the judges and audience by their creative approach!

In the final contest the teams “Opium”, “Umorphia”, “Pharmagedon” and etc. competed against each other: players traveled in past together with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, performed musical about Staphylococcus aureus and so on.

As usual the captain of the team “Umorphia” – Iosif Sviridov showed his bright artistic talent.

In the opinion of the judges E.O. Iavdoshenko (Vice-Rector Assistant in Educational work), N.N. Petrova (Head of Training Center on Master, Bachelor, Specialist Degree Programmes) and I.L. Samodova (Dean Assistant of the Faculty of General Medicine) it was difficult to choose the winner.

Overall the first prize was awarded to the team “Pharmagedon”.

The second - to the team “Umorphia” and the third - to “Opium”.


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