On May 14, 2018 took place Sport Festival of North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov devoted to the healthy lifestyle of youths as well as the presentation of sports and health-promoting results during 2017/2018 academic year.

The University students-sportsmen, academic staff and administrative personnel took part into the festive event.

The University Sport Festival was solemnly opened by Sergey A. Artushkin, Vice-Rector for Study, on behalf of the University administration he congratulated all students and wished them to be successful both in educational activity and sport.

The assistant Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine Galina Y. Lapkina awarded the best students-sportsmen of the Faculty: 6-year students - Tulan Kudaev, Dmitrii Pupynin, Vadim Bachuk; 3-year students - Alexander Belov, Renata Faizullina, Khajimurat Alikbekov and a 4-year student Mariia Sineva.

As well the Vice-Rector for Preventive Medicine Alexander V. Meltser gave awards to the best following sportsmen of his Faculty: Anna Volkova, 3-year student, Yurij Stepashov, 1-year student, Ulfat Verdiev, 4-year student.

The Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Students Olga S. Nechaeva awarded the best students-sportsmen of the Faculty: 3-year students - Alexander Alexandrov, Oljas Serik, and a 5-year student Durdyev Serdar.

The Vice-Dean of the Dentistry Faculty Olga I. Medvedeva awarded the best students-sportsmen of the Faculty: Nakhchira Mustafaeva and Anstasiia Pavlenko (3-year students).

Diplomas, University promotional gifts were given to all students and prize money for first sportsmen.

Sport Festival was finished by the parade of bright University teams.

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