Over the past few years the program of cooperation with universities in Japan has been implemented in our University with the active participation of the Department for International Affairs.

In summer 2018 our pathologist Angelica A. Kozlova, working at the Department of morbid anatomy and clinical molecular morphology, North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov undertook an internship and advanced training upon the NASHIM program during the month at Nagasaki University and the University Hospital of Nagasaki.

Besides practical work in the laboratory, which included a study of eighteen cases of papillary thyroid cancer for the presence of the BRAF mutant gene, Angelica A. Kozlova attended lectures given by leading experts in the field of radiation medicine and disaster medicine, visited the National Hospital Organization Nagasaki Medical Center and Clinics of Nagasaki University.

We sincerely appreciate such an opportunity and thank Japanese colleagues for the organization and carrying of useful and interesting internship for our expert in Nagasaki University. Moreover we sincerely hope for the further development of bilateral relations and fruitful cooperation in future.