The 64th Russian expedition left Saint-Petersburg harbor to Antarctic Continent

On November 07, 2018 the staff of the North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, Nikita E. Goncharov and Sergey G. Belov, Senior Laboratory Assistants, Department of Epidemiology, Parasitology and Disinfectology went to Antarctica to carry out the research program in the frame of the 64th Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE). On Wednesday the scientific expedition ship "Academic Fedorov" with members of the 64th Russian Antarctic Expedition embarked for a port of Antarctica from Saint-Petersburg. The expedition will last 207 days. The purpose of the expedition is to explore the seas that surround Antarctica for their biological resources. The research by the expedition participants will be carried out both applied and fundamental also will touch on the issues of ecology and navigation.

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