Meeting of the Rector with students

More than three hundred students - leaders and representatives of youth organizations and structures of North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov attended the meeting.

The University administration was presented by Vice-Rector for study – Sergey A. Artushkin, Dean of the Medical Faculty Bakulin I.G., Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine - Igor G. Bakulin, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry – Elena A. Satygo, Vice-Rector Assistant in Educational work - Evgenii O. Iavdoshenko.

At the beginning of the event the Rector of the University answered students' questions upon different directions which were previously submitted online. Then all students had a great opportunity to put a question to the Rector of University Professor Sergey A. Sayganov to obtain reliable information and solve topical issues.        

Students were interested in the quality of training, the enrollment requirements to the residency, the development of student science, organization of medical internship abroad, the reconstruction of the dormitory and stadium. The most relevant issues of University life were discussed. Thus the dialogue helped the students to get answers to important questions and to reflect a focused view on prospects for development of our University.

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