The Festival “Ticket to the Future” is a modern educational platform working in the format of professional samples and unites key participants in the labor market: schoolchildren of 8-11 classes, employers, experts and educational organizations.

In Saint-Petersburg, the Festival was held with the participation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Government of Saint-Petersburg and representatives of world commercial holdings. The Festival was carried out in 8 areas ("IT and Communications", "Transport", "New Materials", "Tourism", "Medicine", "Energetics", "Cosmos", "Smart City"), where about 30 000 schoolchildren took part.

The project opens new opportunities for participation in vocational guidance tours at advanced technology sites. Children had an opportunity to “touch the profession” through the case solving in a wide variety of industries together with experts.

Employees of our North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov represented the profession in area "Medicine". Eight special cases were developed for the Festival: “Tooth Filling”, “Auscultation of the heart”, “Pulse and Blood Pressure on exertion”, “Blood test using cyclones”, “Innovations in Surgery”, “Psychological test”, “Cephalotrypesis”, “Surgical suture on a silicone skin model”, “Hemostasis”.

Professors together with the best students and residents of our University took part in the cases development and workshops organization:

Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases, Gastroenterology and Dietetics n.a. S.M.Ryssa: Elena A. Semenova, Margarita Yu. Serkova, Igor V. Lapinsky, Zakhar V. Lopatin, Yury V. Medvedev, Madina P. Abatsieva;

Faculty Therapy Department - Evgenia L. Belyaeva;

Department of Operative Surgery with a course of topographic anatomy - Alexander A. Smirnov;

General Surgery Department - Residents Lyudmila G. Dmitrieva, Zhamal Kubanychbekova, Yakov A. Pyatnitsky;

Family Medicine Department - Olga Yu. Kuznetsova, Lyudmila N. Degtyareva, Irina E. Moiseeva;

The staff of Training Clinical Dental Center: Ekaterina A. Rubezhova, Karina V. Reutskaya;

6th-year students, Faculty of General Medicine - Azat I. Nazmiev, Jeyhun Babayev;

5th-year students, Faculty of Dentistry - Egor Degtyarev, Vagan Oromyan, Mikhail Mikhailov.

The speaker in area "Medicine" became Yury S. Sadalsky, the head of the educational division of the Training Clinical Dental Center of our University.

We sincerely thank and congratulate everyone who represented our University at the most large-scale professional event!

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