Summer School on Orthodontics took place online at NWSMU named after I. I. Mechnikov on 21-22 July, 2021

International Summer School on Orthodontics took place on 21- 22 July 2021 at NWSMU named after I. I. Mechnikov in online format. This was the first summer school on dentistry in English organized for international students. Senior students from universities in China and Bulgaria took part in the school.

A course on the contemporary diagnostic protocol in dentistry was presented to the attendees by A. V. Nikolaev, an orthodontist, assistant professor of the Chair of Orthodontics, NWSMU n.a. I. I. Mechnikov. 

The course was aimed at understanding the advantages of using digital diagnostic and treatment protocols for orthodontic patients compared to conservative methods of evaluating the severity of maxillofacial anomalies and their treatment. In addition to lectures and discussions, attendees were asked to analyze several clinical cases and answer questions from the lecturer.

The attendees of the online school gave positive feedback, noting the relevance of the proposed topic, the accessibility of the material, its comprehensiveness, and the charisma of the lecturer.