According to the meeting of the staff group for prevention of delivery and distribution of Coronavirus infection on the territory of Russia protocol dated on 27.08.2021, № 18кв a new work organization algorithm was approved in regard to foreign students arriving in Russia for training purposes from ALL foreign countries, regardless of the resumption of flights with them.

In order to legally enter the territory of Russia it should be considered that the entry can be carried out only with valid documents and with sufficient period of validity: passport, visa (for visa countries!).

Please note that those foreign students who come to the University on the referral of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation register their visa through the Ministry.

! Please note that students from visa countries have to prepare an Invitation Letter and send an Information Letter on entry the country once the visa is issued. Students from visa-free countries have to send an Information Letter on their entry immediately after purchasing a ticket.

All detailed information about entry can be found via this link

Contact number of the Department of Visa Support and Migration Registration: 8(812)303-50-00 ext.8257.