International School of Surgeon

Our University takes more efforts to develop international cooperation on the field of surgery. The 2nd online meeting of International School of Surgeon took place on the 2nd of February 2023 with participation of I.M. Sechenov’s First Moscow Medical University and Belarus State Medical University.

The international event was organized by teaching staff of three Universities: Professors B.A. Volel, S.S. Dydykin, Yu.L. Vasiliev, O.V. Drakhina (Sechenov University),  Professors V.V. Rudenyuk, N.A. Trushel, S.D. Denisov, S.L. Kabak (BSMU) and Professors Ye. M. Trunin, Associate Professor V.V. Tatarkin, Assistant of Professor A.S. Sokolova (I.I. Mechnikov’s NWSMU).

The 2nd meeting of International School of Surgeon was devoted to “Vascular surgery, arterial pathology” and involved 4 lectures by teaching staff and 15 presentations of international students of three Universities.

Lectures by Universities representatives:

  1. Lecture «Anatomy of the major vessels of the human body: a demonstration of the possibilities of the 3D table of Pirogov» by Prof. Yury L. Vasiliev, Sechenov University.
  2. Lecture «Vessel Suture» (Alina Cherepina, student of Sechenov University).
  3. Lecture «Emergency Vascular Surgery» (Amro Z. Salekh, Vascular Surgeon, Doctor, City Clinic №1, Moscow).
  4. Lecture «Microvascular anastomosis» (Ekaterina Mustafina, student of Mechnikov NWSMU, Saint Petersburg)

Presentations of international students on their research in the field of arterial pathology:

  1. Atherosclerosis by Oyih Antony Adakole (BSMU, Minsk).
  2.  Surgical treatment of atherosclerosis of arteries in the lower limb by Mohammed Mahfouz (Sechenov University, Moscow).
  3. Surgical treatment of atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries by Maboya Thapelo Jeremia (Sechenov University, Moscow).
  4. Leriche's syndrome by El Murad Tufik (BSMU, Minsk).
  5. Arterial embolism and surgical embelectomy by Adevumi Adyiinka Daniel (BSMU, Minsk).

  1. Traumatic damage to the arteries by Maye Yapp Hui Hui (Sechenov University, Moscow).
  2. Methods of permanent and temporary stopping of bleeding by Nandzha Muruttettuvegama M Gamaatiralalaghe (BSMU, Minsk).
  3. Rare arterial diseases: Raynaud's syndrome by Ntahane Kevin (Sechenov University, Moscow).
  4. Rare diseases of the arteries: Thromboangiitis obliterans - Winivarter- Buerger's disease by Akpoyerabor Precious (Mechnikov NWSMU, Saint Petersburg).
  5. Synthetic and auto- material, as path in artery surgery by Cao Hongzhen (Mechnikov NWSMU, Saint Petersburg). 

  1. Aneurisms of aorta by Ernest Thamae (Sechenov University, Moscow).
  2. Malformation by Abdulla Fatima) (Sechenov University, Moscow).
  3. Moyamoya Disease by Ishmael (Sechenov University, Moscow).
  4. Complications in vascular surgery by Redlapalle Mohan Krishna (Sechenov University, Moscow).
  5. Controversial issues of the anatomy of the organs of the duodenopancreatobiliary system by Heshan de Silva (Sechenov University, Moscow).

This interesting and practically focused event resulted in the students’ willingness to participate in International School of Surgeon offline. Thus, we expect a new offline event that will be organized in Belarus State Medical University. International students will have an opportunity to listen new lectures on “Features of blood flow and its role in changing the structure of the vascular wall” and present their reports. Moreover, we plan to organize master classes on surgical manipulations (operations) on vessels.

Our University will host activities of International School of Surgeons December 2023 (Mechnikov NWSMU, Saint Petersburg).

We are grateful to all participants and organizers of the event.

Looking forward to new meetings and development of international activities.