Department of science

Vice-rector for Study, Research and Innovations North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov (NWSMU) - Alexey V. Silin

Department of science is formed for the purpose of development and carrying out the policy of the University in research and innovation activity.

The main objectives of the department is a creation of conditions for effective growth and use of scientific and innovative capacity of scientific divisions and University chairs for solving actual problems of medical science and clinical practice development, strengthening of international scientific authority of NWSMU named after I.I. Mechnikov.




The main lines of activity of the department of science are:

  • implementation of basic points of state policy concerning science, innovations and international cooperation in the field of research scientific work;
  • organization and coordination of divisions activity of the department of science;
  • coordination and support of innovative and research activity of scientific divisions and University chairs;
  • coordination of University public scientific divisions activity (Coordinating Research Council, Academic Council of Scientific Divisions, Council of Student Research Society, Council of young scientists and experts, Local Ethics Committee, Problem Scientific Commissions);
  • improvement of preparation system of scientific top-qualification staff;
  • coordination of work on preparation of scientific conferences and seminars;
  • control of decisions execution of University administration in the field of scientific activity by staff of the department of science and scientific divisions;
  • monitoring of University research scientific work;
  • development of scientific cooperation with higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, enterprises and firms, medical establishments, foreign partners in order to increase integration processes of innovation, science and production.

Contact information:

Head of the department of science - Marina V. Kondrashova
Address: St. Petersburg, Piskarevsky Pr., 47, building 35
Tel.: +7(812) 543-13-97 * 8654

The chief specialist of the department of science - Elena A. Ospishcheva
Address: St. Petersburg, Kirochnaya Ul., 41
Tel.: +7(812) 303-50-00 * 1323