Division of pre-higher education preparation

Dear entrants!

Today you decide where to go to study, what profession to choose in your life. It is a very important decision, after all what specialist you will become, depends all your subsequent life.

Profession of doctor is a hard work demanding profound knowledge, unselfishness, mercy, patience, sincere generosity and to work wholeheartedly. Not everyone is capable of it, so it means that not every person can be the doctor.

If you want to choose correctly the profession, do get acquainted with various medical specialties and professions, to get a sense of process of formation of doctor’s personality in the training period at the University, to realize specificity of this work, if you want to prepare better for entrance examination and Unified State Examination, if so you need to address the Department of Pre-Higher Education and work with entrants. We will try to give you actual information and necessary knowledge to make argued and deeply realized decision concerning the choice of future profession.

Department of Pre-Higher Education and work with entrants of the University (further – "Department") is the assignee of the faculty of Pre-Higher Education which was created in Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy named after I.I. Mechnikov in 1991.

The main objectives of the Department are:

  • occupational guidance of youth, pupils of schools and educational institutions to enter the University and profile training of listeners;
  • multistep preparation of listeners for entrance tests on available faculties of the University and improvement of the level of knowledge of entrants to meet the requirements of medical school;
  • organization of events for reception of citizens on the 1st course of the University.

Concerning University entry you need to address to the Selection Committee.

At the University there are various directions of Pre-Higher Education for youth, such as:

  • different types of work on vocational guidance, as well as early vocational guidance, since the 9 class, within Small medical faculty;
  • types of preparation with various forms and duration for entrance tests and Unified State Examination on access courses, including work with schools of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in the frame of contracts about joint cooperation to create and work in medical and biological groups;
  • collaboration with Lyceum № 179 of Kalinin district of Saint-Petersburg to attract the most prepared and professional focused entrants to the University.

Annually for about 500 persons are studying on different forms of Pre-Higher education. The professors of 28 chairs of the University take part in the educational process.

All listeners studying at the department of Pre-Higher Education and work with entrants, can be tested by professional computer complex “Proforiyentator” adapted for professions of medical school. Computer testing and the subsequent consultation will help entrants (and their parents) to answer the following questions:

  • How to choose profile training, faculty and specialty;
  • What medical professions suit the teenager taking into consideration the analysis of its interests, abilities and features of character;
  • How to develop the abilities necessary for successful professional self-realization;
  • How to correct weak and to reveal strong professionally important qualities of the pupil.

After consultation you will be issued a list with results and recommendations about the choice of training direction and profession.