North-Western State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov was founded on October 12, 2011 as a result of merger of two oldest educational medical institutions in Russia - Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies and State Medical Academy n. a. I.I. Mechnikov.

The founder of NWSMU is the Ministry of Healthcare of Russian Federation.

The University activity is based on integrity of three main components: education, clinic and research that allow educating highly-professional specialists possessing applied and profound knowledge.

Currently, the total number of students is 4300, foreign students- 356, 2150 clinical residents. About 460 post-graduate students conduct their research works and prepare for thesis defend. Annually, more than 30 000 medical doctors undergo advanced training courses.

Diagnostic and clinical work in University conducted in 6 University clinics in 25 specialties with bed capacity- 800.University clinics provide treatment for more than 40000 in- patients and 30000 out- patients per year.

University research is carried out in accordance with the relevant and current areas of biomedical development. Considerable attention is paid to research in the field of health protection and sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population. Long-term strategy is focused on effective spread of fundamental and applied research activities and organizing of favorable scientific and educational environment providing continuous training of highly qualified personnel.

University educational work is based on multi-level system of specialists training.  University encloses 9 departments: Surgical Department, Internal Diseases Department, Pediatric Department, Biomedical Department, Dentistry Department, Preventive Medicine Department, General Medicine Department, Nursing Care Department, and Foreign Students Department.