On January 2019 the meeting of the     Standing Council of Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities (ASRMU) was held at Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (Guangdong, China).

The meeting launched the large-scale events which will take place under the auspices of ASRMU on the subject “Integration-innovations-cooperation”.

On the part of Russia the meeting of the Standing Council of ASRMU attended the delegations form 21 universities, including North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov. Our University was represented by the Head of international activities and projects management department Tatiana A. Zhelninova and the Head of Endocrinology Department Zulfia R. Shafigullina, who took part in the event. The report “Research in metabolomics: new approaches in early detection and treatment” made by Dr. Zulfia R. Shafigullina aroused much interest among participants.

One of the main aims of the meeting was to resume the completed activity of ASRMU in 2018 and to plan the cooperation between Russian and Chinese Universities in future.

In 2018 the staff from North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov took part in a number of international research and practice events carried out both in Russia and China.


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