During the entrance examinations, foreign applicants arriving on a visa can stay in the University dormitory at 47/45 Piskarevsky Ave. The hostel consists of units with 8-9 rooms, where 2-3 persons live in a room. There is a kitchen, showers and toilets in a unit. As well as they are provided with bedclothes. The Contract for hostel accommodation concluded between entrant and the University regulates the order of payment, the rights and duties of the parties, responsibility of the parties. Accommodation at the University hostel is possible under conditions of 100 % advance payment according to the price list for applicants and after health check-up in the University health center.



The cost of accommodation in a dormitory for foreign citizens:


1.  For applicants (until they are enrolled to study) – 150 rubles/day

2. For students of the preparatory programmes – 2 900 rubles/month

Payment for accommodation shall be made for the entire period of study in the preparatory programmes.

3. For foreign students on a fee-based tuition (persons enrolled by the Rector’s order as students) – 2 900 rubles/month

Students of 1-6 years of study pay for accommodation 17,400 rubles for a semester (6 months) or (optionally) 34,800 rubles for a year (12 months).

4. Foreign students on a state-funded tuition (foreign citizens who have arrived by referral from the Ministry of Education and Science) shall be enrolled by the Rector’s order as students from the date of arrival to study.  The cost of accommodation is 550 rubles/month. Accommodation is paid for the entire calendar year and costs 6,600 rubles.

For any further information, please contact the Department of Accommodation at: +7(812) 303-50-00, (ext. 8754 / 8400) or +7 (812) 543-51-12.