About clinic named after E.E. Eichwald

Clinic named after E.E. Eichwald is a structure-forming part of the North-Western State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov (NWSMU n.a.Mechnikov) and is situated in the historical building of the world’s first Clinical Institution of Postgraduate Studies  that was founded by the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna on 3 June 1885 in the centre of Saint-Petersburg, Kirochnaya street, near the Tavricheskiy Garden.

Direction of the Clinic n.a.Eichwald keeps carefully established traditions – respect, individual approach to every patient and competence of the highest level.

The clinic n.a.Eicwald includes:

  • Consulting and Diagnostic Clinic; clinic’s consulting staff (candidates and doctors of medicine, professors of the University) help to determine a diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment.
  • Hospital with 175 beds, including departments of rheumatology, neurology,  endocrinology, hematology, cardiosurgery, surgery, plastic surgery, urlogy.
  • Dialysis centre
  • Centre of genetic engineering and biological therapy
  • Centre of lymphadenopathy differential diagnostics
  •  All kinds of laboratory tests
  • Ultrasonography,  functional diagnostics, neurophysiological investigations, magnetic resonance imaging, CT-scanning, X-ray examination, endoscopic examination.
  •  Physiotherapeutic department
  •  Manual therapy room
  •  Endoscopic examination room
  •  Acupuncture room

Tel.: +7 (812) 303-50-50