Master’s programme

Master program for medical schools graduates and concerned persons with higher non-medical education!

The Master program with the specialization 32.04.01 Public Health is opened from September 01, 2014 in the State budget institution of higher education North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov as a priority direction of higher education development.

Master program is the second level of the higher education system, created in the process of reforming the Russian education system within the Bologna process. The Master program provides the in-depth theoretical training of student. The core area of Master program "Public health" implies the in-depth training of graduates for research, scientific, industrial and professional activities. Hence, a lawyer, an economist, and a designer, if he is going to work in the field of public health can get the missing knowledge and in truth become a unique and highly paid professional.

The aim of new Master program is to train professionals with a wide range of basic disciplines to implement scientifically-based professional activities in the field of public health. As well they should be capable to carry out integrated assessment and monitoring of the population health status, to identify the determinants of public health, to work out measures to preserve and improve the population health, to implement them in practice and to evaluate their effectiveness.

Master program at NWSMU n.a. I.I.  Mechnikov is developed under the federal state educational standard of higher professional education in the specialization 060400 Public Health (qualification (degree) "Master"). Training content corresponds to the requirements of the Master program in Public Health (Master of Public Health, MPH) in European countries.

The program is harmonized not only with the leading European analogs, as well with the Master program of The University of Illinois Chicago, Illinois (United States of America) including the requirements of the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER).

Great work preceded to the opening of new Master program. The North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov together with two Universities in Norway have signed an agreement, which provides the participation of professors from the European universities in the educational process at our University. Good command of English give the possibility to complete the semester training at the University of Oslo.

At completion of the Master program in NWSMU n.a. I.I. Mechnikov the graduate get a state-recognized Diploma, which provides an opportunity of employment both in the territory of the Russian Federation and in a series of European countries

Citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens with higher education are accepted for completion of Master program 32.04.01 "Public health". Applicant submits on his own the original or a certified copy of his Diploma of Specialist (Specialist Degree), Bachelor or Master degree. For admission it is necessary to pass the test in Public Health.

The standard term of development of the full-time education is 2 years. Preparation of Masters on distance learning or part-time (evening) form of training is not provided.


For graduates of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine are provided special conditions
To get more information, please,
call: 8 (812) 303-50-00, ext. 8763
Admission Committee: 8 (812) 543-24-23

Submission of documents is carried out:

·         by applicant personally or by proxy at the address: Saint-Petersburg, Piskarevsky pr., 47, Pavilion 9 (Admission Committee);

  • by mail (address: 195067, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Piskarevsky pr., 47, Pavilion 9, Admission Committee (in this case, the complete set of documents, consisting of certified copies of passport and Diploma, the original medical certificate and the original application form for admission to the Master program, which can be printed from the University website, division "Admission Committee".